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locomotive2 Jun 3, 2002

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    I'm probably on the wrong track here, but for you HO Steam Modelers, The Challenger is coming to the Chgo Metro Area. Excursion seats from West Chgo-Elmhurst IL, June 15 & 16 to Milwaukee
    are sold out. For the complete schedule go to www.uprr.com click on media, new releases and scroll down to 5/23. You may be able to see this baby when it rolls thru Rochelle IL on 6/12 via
    Trains.com They have a mounted train cam. Go to Trains.com home page and click on train cam.

    Sorry John Patton for this late posting. I'm sure you wanted to hitch a ride.
  2. 7600EM_1

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    Thats quite alright! Its still out of my way about 600 miles or so! I'm in PA so... thats a pretty good trip for me to travel on a half worthless car! :D And besides, I got plenty to keep my mind in the days of steam being I'm working on a few Bowser Challengers so. I'm having a blast at the scale modeling so.. More then makes up for the steam excursions for now.

    I want to get to Cass, WV to ride behind and see the Western Maryland #6 Shay! Thats my biggest goal for now as far as excursions go.. Then I want to head north to Mt. Clare in Baltimore to see the Allegheny in full scale up close and personal! :D Then I'll be happy. Then maybe a trip to "Steam Town", Strasburg, PA! I believe theirs a Big Boy their! :D

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