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    CSX Customer News

    Curfew Updates for the Week of May 14

    Following are ongoing or upcoming CSX curfews (scheduled track
    maintenance), which are updated weekly.

    View the weekly map here: CSX Curfews for Week of May 14

    For other news and service information, visit Customer News on CSX.com.

    Lakeshore Subdivision
    From near Erie, Pa., to near Westfield, N.Y.
    Week 5 of 8.
    Crews working Sunday - Wednesday.

    Rochester Subdivision
    From near Alden, to near Depew, N.Y.
    Week 1 of 3. Begins 5/14.
    Crews working Sunday - Wednesday.

    W&A North Subdivision
    From near Ringgold, to near Kingston, Ga.
    Week 2 of 3.
    Crews working Monday - Friday.

    Metropolitan Subdivision
    From near Brunswick, to near Washington Grove, Md.
    Week 2 of 2.
    Crews working all week.

    Keystone Subdivision
    From near Sinns, to near Sand Patch, Pa.
    Week 5 of 15.
    Crews working Monday - Thursday.

    RF&P Subdivision
    From near Greendale, to near Lorton, Va.
    Week 3 of 9.
    Crews working Sunday - Wednesday.

    Baltimore Terminal/Lurgan Yard
    At Marley Neck Branch and in Lurgan Yard.
    Week 2 of 3.
    Crews working Monday - Thursday.

    Monon Subdivision Dyer Siding
    On Dyer Siding
    Week 1 of 1. Begins 5/14.
    Crews working Monday - Thursday.

    Indianapolis Line/Mt. Victory Subdivisions
    From near Muncie, Ind., to near East Mt. Victory, Ohio.
    Week 5 of 8.
    Crews working Monday - Thursday.

    Kanawha/Russell Subdivisions
    From near Barboursville, W.Va., to near Riverton, Ky.
    Week 5 of 7.
    Crews working Monday - Thursday.

    Logan/Logan & Southern/Buffalo Subdivisions
    Near Herst, W.Va.,
    and from near Phillips, to near Martha, W.Va.
    and from near Rossmore, to near Omar, W.Va.
    Week 1 of 2. Begins 5/14.
    Crews working Monday - Thursday.

    Mountain Subdivision
    From near Grafton, W.Va., to near Cumberland, Md.
    Week 3 of 9.
    Crews working Monday - Thursday.

    Wildwood Subdivision
    From near Hawthorne, to near Sparr, Fla.
    Week 2 of 3.
    Crews working Monday - Thursday.

    Bruceton Subdivision
    Week 2 of 5.
    From near New Johnsonville, to near Conalco, Tenn., and
    from near Dickson, to near Pegram, Tenn.
    Crews working Monday - Thursday.

    Radnor Yard/Nashville Terminal
    Various tracks in Radnor Yard and Nashville Terminal
    Week 7 of 7.
    Crews working Monday - Thursday.

    CAT Surfacing Teams

    Charleston Subdivision
    South from Coward, S.C.

    Sanford Subdivision
    Between Pecan and Lundy, Fla.

    Henderson Subdivision
    Between Crofton and Mortons Gap, Ky.

    Kanawha Subdivision
    Between Montgomery and Elk, W.Va.

    Garrett Subdivision
    Between Willow Creek and Webster, Ind.

    Willard Subdivision
    Between Suman and Willow Creek, Ind.

    Pemberville Subdivision
    Between Fostoria and Pemberville, Ohio.

    Metropolitan Subdivision
    East from Point of Rocks.

    Train Control & Capital Projects

    Bruceton Subdivision
    Installation at northeast and southeast Crow, and northeast and
    southeast Colesburg.

    Baltimore Terminal Subdivision
    Between Carrolls/West Baltimore and Dorsey.

    CE&D Subdivision
    Turnout installation at Terre Haute.

    Boyles Terminal
    Installation at Magella.

    Lehigh Line
    Installation at Pike.

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