1. Grantha

    Grantha TrainBoard Member

    Yep, Believe or not $6.99 at my local dealer if I can get them without waiting for an order. Of course that's about $4.66 USD at the current exchange rate.

    Keep on the right track!!
  2. Alan Richards

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    Since I'm a newbie on this site I'll try and get my feet wet and saw the "coupler" messages. Recently, I've discarded all the "Rapido" couplers, and just beginning to wonder if switching to KATO was a good idea. Are there better couplers out there. I enjoy the hobby, but all the fun goes right down the drain when a long train disconnects going up the grade and .... well you know what happens then. So what is a good coupler that does NOT come disconnected, easily.
  3. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    Are you using KATO or Micro-Trains(KayDee)? [​IMG] I only use the KATO coulpers on my [​IMG]nowcollectingdustbecausenobodywillmakeamodernAmtraklocomotive [​IMG] passenger cars. For freight and ALL locomotives, it's the Micro-Trains for me. I'll be changing my newly acquired SD40-2's this weekend to Micro-Trains. Keep an eye out for the new Atlas/Accumate couplers. They're supposed to be really nice and totally Micro-Train compatable. [​IMG]

    PS, I have got some really nice Spectrum and Bachmann-Plus Loco's. I don't understand why so many people have trouble with them? The OLD Bachmann I can understand and that miss-guided attempt at a Spectrum SD40-2. Other than that, I've had people ask me where I got my "Kato" ABBA lash-up of F-9's! I laugh and tell them they're "Bachmann Pluses" and watch the jaws hit the floor! HEHEHE! [​IMG] They really run nice and will haul the Empire State Building down the street.

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  4. Alan

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    I know what you mean about the Spectrum SD40-2! I acquired one some time ago, cheaply, and the main problem with it is that it sits way too high. So I completely disassembled the chassis, and milled it to allow the body to fit lower down, and it looked 100% better.

    BUT - now I have some Kato SD40-2's, I dare not let it be seen anywhere near them [​IMG] It may have to be 'retired'!


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  5. Craig Martyn

    Craig Martyn TrainBoard Member

    Bachman SD40-2's = TRASH

    (sorry, had to tell the truth)

    And yes, the Kato's are MUCH better!

    I don't even "dabble" with Bachman stuff any more. Some stuff seems to run OK but they just look bad.

    Craig Martyn

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  6. chessie

    chessie TrainBoard Supporter

    Currently, all of my diesels have M-T couplers, except for the new Kato SD40-2's which have the Kato couplers (and have not been run or converted yet). As far as cars, all of my cars have M-T trucks/couplers, except for my MDC intermodal (stack) trains, which have the factory Rapido couplers [I do not switch these cars out]. The Kato couplers on my former E8's were nice, but again, not for switching. I suggest anything used for general freight and switching be equipped with M-T's.

  7. BC Rail King

    BC Rail King E-Mail Bounces

    Hey all ya people trash talkin the SD40, please E Mail me with your comments as we (by we, it actually means some one else) is writing a review on the engine for a TAMR regional newsletter.

    Thanx for your help,

    Dane N.

  8. Inkaneer

    Inkaneer TrainBoard Member

    I have used five types of couplers on my models here is my take on them:
    1. MT's: majority of my freight rolling stock. Engines where uncoupling will occur. Auto coupling and uncoupling
    2. Unimates: used as drawbars between engines that I want to operate as a singlre unit where no uncoupling will occur. No auto coupling or uncoupling.
    3. Kato: used on passenger cars. Auto coupling but no auto uncoupling. Some of my newer Kato engines still have them.
    4. Intermountain: truck and coupler similiar to Kato but less than 1/2 the price. Had bad experience with quality control. auto coupling but not uncoupling. I used them on my Walthers double stacks that I run as a unit train. Was going to use them on my coal unit trains but rolling quality was not up to standards Mt's used instead.
    5. Rapido: Isn't recycling great!
  9. virtual-bird

    virtual-bird TrainBoard Member

    5. Rapido: Isn't recycling great!

    hey everyone that aint using rapidos send them to me...
    I have no problem with them and can convert MT cars to rapidos then...

    <font size=4 color=red> *hiding under desk*

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