1. Bruce Archer

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    Hi All!
    Guilford wound up scrapping, or selling all of the U33Cs on the D&H. I know mostof the original D&H U33Cs went to GE for the "Super 7" program, and several were rebuilt into "Super 7"s and sold to Mexico.
    But it seems many were scrapped by GE, and I remember seeing several at Naporano's in Newark to be scrapped. Does anyone know which ones were scrapped at Napoano's? I know about the Bridgeline's table but it does not have what I am looking for.

    Can someone help?

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  2. Kurt Moose

    Kurt Moose TrainBoard Member

    The Milwaukee's went into the "Super 7" program too, from what I remember.
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  3. WVa_Jon

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    Not sure if this will give you any assistance, but here's a list of pictures on the "Fallen Flags" site. I checked most of the photos listed and it seems some of these U33 had "coats of many colors", so to speak. There are pictures of 656 and 661 at Erie, behind fencing, but I didn't see any at Naporano's. Now, there is a gap between the two "batches" of U33C, but just scroll down the page a little and you'll see the 700's too.

    Rail Pictures dot net has several pix of U33C but they're all action photos. Here's a link to the specific D&H U33C photos (and I hope this works):
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