TroveStar Special Run - Pan Am Railways Boxcar

gdmichaels Jan 19, 2018

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    TroveStar has its own special run, a Pan Am Railways Boxcar!

    This car will be given to all attendees of Winterfest 2018 in West Springfield Massachusetts, January 27-28, 2018. Winterfest is the N-scale section of the annual Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show.

    This is a prototypical car, and the only mention you will see of our enterprise is on the labeling. Eric Smith, CEO of Micro-Trains, and his team worked closely with Jenna to produce this very special car. It is the first of a series of two. The second will be available in January of 2019, also at Winterfest.

    About the Car: This 50 foot rib side box car with single door and no roofwalk is painted blue with white lettering and runs on Barber Roller Bearing trucks. Formally known as Guilford Transportation Industries, the Massachusetts-based company bought the name and logo of the former Pan American World Airways in 1998. This Class 2 railroad operates through much of New England from Maine to New York.

    This limited run of 150 cars will only be available to Winterfest attendees and TroveStar contributors. Micro-Trains assured us that this road number will never be produced again by them for regular or special runs. We are very excited about this offering and we hope it is a car we will see on N-TRAK layouts everywhere!
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