Transitioning from HO to N Scale and very new here.

tayder Jul 24, 2014

  1. tayder

    tayder TrainBoard Supporter

    Following several strokes as well as brain surgery, I have been forced to retire (which, it turns out, I'm pretty good at. My illnesses and a sock - full of other issues also resulted in the failure and disolution of my marriage. The upshot of all this is (in part) that a year ago I gave ALL of my HO collection to my adult son. I don't regret that. In my new home I have limited space in which to work (I have a space of about 5' X 7.5' into which I can build an N Scale layout and I have purchased a bunch of stuff to facilitate that. Through my illnesses I ended up with some brain damage, this is mostly manifested in becoming easily confused about things, as well as a repetitive leaning towards losing anything I touch within about 10 seconds, but hey, we all love a challenge :)
    I bought a Bachmann Empire builder starter set as well as their EZ Command dcc system along with an Atlas GP38 w/ dcc. My Woodland scenics Scenic Ridgew layout kit arrived today... I am still waffling over which track plan to use - I am wide open to recommendations! I named My old HO layout, "Ajax & Imperial" and I'll probably keep- that for the new layout. I plan to model with both steam and diesel, probably whichever is most economical. I don't recall what the various 'eras" are called, help, please? I picked up a new airbrush outfit recently as well as a smattering of structure kits, I haven't decided which to tackle first though. The WS scenic ridge building kit set is enroute as well. Last night I comitted to building a fairly good sized wooden, curved trestle. I hope to get at that project this weekend. Onwards and upwards!
  2. fitz

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    Tayder, I'm sorry to hear of your health problems, but encouraged to see your attitude about starting over in a new scale. Welcome to Trainboard, and hopefully there will be a wealth of helpful info here for you.
  3. Ironhorseman

    Ironhorseman April, 2018 Staff Member In Memoriam

    Welcome aboard, Tayder! Be sure to take a gander at the track plan forum! :)
  4. BoxcabE50

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    Do you mean such as steam, transition and diesel 1st generation, diesel 2nd generation?

    Welcome to TrainBoard!

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