N Trainworx 40-ft Bulk Tank Trailer

cfritschle Jul 16, 2019

  1. cfritschle

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    The initial “revealing” of the tooling for the Trainworx 40-ft bulk tank trailer was at the 2014 NMRA National Train Show in Cleveland. The following year, the pre-production sample was included in the display of new vehicle models on the Trainworx table of the 2015 NSE convention in Sacramento. And, Pat had artwork for potential paint schemes for the tankers at the 2016 NSE convention Kansas City.

    However, at the 2018 NSE convention Salt Lake City, as well as the 2019 NSE convention Chicago, Trainworx had several undecorated trailer kits for sale, including a kit for the tank trailer. The model shown below was purchased at the 2018 convention, and it took me a year to get around to building it! However, while the factory painted and assembled version will look much better, I thought some out there might be interested in knowing the trailer is for real. And, I am hoping that Pat will be able to schedule its production at the new factory in the not too distant future.


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    She's a beauty!!(y)

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