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Jazzthirty Apr 2, 2017

  1. Jazzthirty

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    I started on an old project a few months ago. About 20 years ago my Father and I started collecting Z scale. Recently I have been putting together a Noch Cortina layout. I really like this layout but have not bought the form yet. I do have a track plan and using the Marklin track I got in a starter and expansion track set plus what I have collected over the years I felt it best to continue the track plan in Marklin. I know there are other cheaper makers out there but I'm about 3/4 of the way done collecting. I also try to find the best deals on track too. So my question is this... Other than Ebay is there another site that would be recommended for collecting cheap even used Marklin Z track? I would prefer to keep it in the US too if possible. I have tried buying from Tranz and Quality trains on ebay but was not impressed. Tranz took too long to ship, and shipped everything separately. QT lost my order and eventually refunded my money. I'm looking for different quantities of 8531, 8562, 8563, 8588, 8591, 8592, 8939. Any help would be great.
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    Check out some of Trainboard's advertisers and other large retailers. Don't see it on their websites? call and ask and they will get it for you pdq. Buy everthing in one order to save postage

    Buy off ebay? postage will eat your lunch for any savings in drips and drabs collecting a piece at a time. also, much marklin track is 30+ years old, but you already know that. better to get the fresh stuff from a dealer; less electrical problems because less tarnish on the track. Get yourself a dremel with a polishing wheel and get busy on your thirty year old stuff.

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    Jazzthirty. Sometimes even buying an entire Cortina's worth of track brand new in Rokuhan is cheaper than the 1/3 of Marklin track you still need. THEN, the way the Rokuhan track goes together is like butter. With Marklin, the section-to-section connectivity poses a real challenge (validating the point that sumgai is making).

    I have seen the entire Rokuhan track pack for $349.99 on some z scale web sites in the USA.

    Also, Marklin 8939 has long been discontinued. For Cortina, you can use any of the 5-digit Marklin signals or go with a Viessmann 4800 home signal.

    Frank Daniels
    Owner - z.scale.hobo, a USA-based Noch Top Dealer
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    Take a look at our Ztrack Resale site, (www.ztrackresale.com). We do have assorted Marklin track in stock, including packages from the Marklin SET program. Most of the track is used. I would recommend track rated light to medium use for reliability. Track we rate high use typically is better off for sidings or areas that will not have a lot of operations.

    We currently show we have 99 assorted Marklin track sections or packages of track in stock.

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    I hear what everyone is saying and I understand the new stuff would probably be best. Maybe I'm just stubborn. Most of my stuff is probably 20+ years old but to be honest it has rarely been used or run. I just feel I have collected so much of this stuff I might as well finish it. I agree the shipping some sellers do on ebay is awful. I usually try to find cheaper lots of new track and free shipping. I also exhausted my local stores before shopping ebay too. The 8939 I have seen on ebay, but I will look into the other numbers mentions. Thanks for the link ztrack I will check it out too.
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    You can always private messaging to suggest retailers. Please don't do it on the forum.
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    Do keep an eye on ebay. Sometimes you stumble on real second hand 'deals' : cleaned locs, updated locs, weathered locs, locs or cars from a pack sold separate or parts of collection for a bargain.
    Also ebay and paypal give you the opportunity to signal a bad action or bad seller.

    There is a catch.. Don't buy too much while you keep an eye open :D
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    I read that post on policy... it really could be a lot clearer, the policy is spread out over a page and a half... and the only clear part does NOT prohibit you from mentioning other retailers.

    As a new person to this forum, but a veteran of many forums, please consider revising that and make it clearer and less ambiguous, you will help everyone and most likely get better cooperation/fewer headaches.

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