1. gcav17

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    I am going to need a good long double bridge. About 20 inches or so. I see that Tomix has a nice one (song chord bridge to be exact) but I am curious if this is a good brand to buy. Is the track compatible? Is it a prototype bridge? My next choice would be the Walthers one. Are their any others I am not aware of?

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  2. brill27mcb

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    Tomix track is Code 80 rail, and the double track has a 37mm spacing, which translates approximately to the 1 1/2 inch spacing used for Ntrak modules. Normal-style track joiners are used, plus clips (which can be cut off) cast into the plastic roadbed ends under each rail. Hope this helps!

    Rich K.
  3. Adrian Wintle

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    The Tomix bridge is quite nice. It has Tomix track, which is very similar to Kato Unitrack in profile (Code 80), but this can be removed quite easily. It is the only bridge I know of that will give that length in a single span, although you could make a similar single span using two Kato bridges and the web-joining piece supplied with them, removing the 'feet' in the middle (or you could use them with a central pier). The other choice, as you mentioned, the Walthers bridge, but you would need two of them and a central pier. All three options come out to approximately the same length.

    The big difference is track spacing. The Kato bridge uses Unitrack spacing, while the Tomix bridge has wider spacing and the Walthers bridge has a very narrow spacing (narrower than you would normally use on plain track).

    The Walthers bridge is also a kit, so you would have to assemble it (them), but if you take care they build into very strong units.

    I'm not sure what the prototype for the Tomix bridge would be, although I would assume it would be Japanese.

  4. gcav17

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    Yes that sure helps. Thanks all. I try to keep my spacing at 1 1/2" between tracks. And I use code 80. So this is no problem. I don't know anything about Tomix, except that it does not work with Kato. I don't see any dealers in the states. If someone knows one, PM me.
    This bridge does look similar to some I have seen. I will probably have to change the color though..

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  5. Inkaneer

    Inkaneer TrainBoard Member

    I got three of the Tomix bridges. I replaced the track with code 55 bridge track from micro engineering. I got mine from an East coast hobby shop with an online presence. However, in checking their website they appear to be out of them.

    The bridge itself appears to be rather spindly and more suited to trolleys or other light loadings rather than heavy modern day mainline traffic.
  6. Bourkinafasso

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    I got mine from eBay. The seller is in Japan. It took 4 weeks for the bridge to arrive and I payed less than 50$ including shipping. ...

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  7. PGE-N°2

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    I found a picture of the box for the kit online: It says Green Max, but I believe it is the same thing as the Tomix bridge.

    I'm actually more curious about the arch bridge in the background... does anyone know who makes that?

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