Thunder Ridge: A Freelanced Focus on Scenery

Mark Watson Apr 12, 2010

  1. Mark Watson

    Mark Watson TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the support MC. I'll always stick with N. :D

    I looked into the different modular groups a lot the past few weeks and if I had to choose, FreeMo N would definitely be the pick.

    I've built two test modules that almost mimic FreeMo, except I only have 1' wide end plates. And like you said, these can easily be used with FreeMo with a small transition module. I'm going to the train store soon for some cork roadbed. Maybe I'll get the new progress thread/blog started today so I can share some photos. :)

    Oo, and I may have to take you up on the NMRA meeting, assuming I'm still in the Bay Area by then. :p
  2. MC Fujiwara

    MC Fujiwara TrainBoard Member

    Good to hear you're still N-sane!

    And 12" is the minimum according to the Free-moN standards, so you're good to go!

    And of course you'll be in the Bay Area then: where else would you want be?
    We have everything here (except humidity, sub-zero winters, hurricanes, a property tax to adequately fund our schools, and parkways with tolls).
    I think living in the amazing diverse mecca of SF is worth a few earthquakes or wildfires now & then. ;)

    No matter what, I hope you figure out a way to make a living doing what you love.
    Looking forward to seeing your progress, and feel free to send an email if you want a ride to the Coast Division meet.
    There'll even be a talk on "Capturing California Gold", so even if you [shudder] mosey on east past the Sierra Nevada, you'll be able to take a modeled piece of the Golden State with you ;)
  3. dstjohn

    dstjohn TrainBoard Member

    Congratulations on your BFA, I hope you find employment in your field quickly. I am sorry to hear of the demise of the Thunder Ridge, I enjoyed following this thread and I look forward to your next layout.
    Thanks for helping me with inspiration for my layout.
  4. jhn_plsn

    jhn_plsn TrainBoard Supporter

    Well, Mark it sounds like your ready to pounce on a great job offer that is likely just around the corner. Better now than when your under the gun and in a hurry. Sorry to see it go, but you will have so much more to add into the next project based on what you learned.
    If you make it to Socal look us up (Nland Pacific) as we would love to have you. One of our members was at the national show last year with the bay area freemoN guys and he said they are a great bunch. Tech savvy folks.

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