This is how I mounted by Raspberry Pi3 B+

french_guy Feb 21, 2021

  1. french_guy

    french_guy TrainBoard Member

    I wanted to have something compact without too many cables....
    So I ended up mounting it on the back of the monitor
    I'm using a wireless mouse and a wired keyboard. But if I were to have a wireless keyboard as well, I would only have the power cable and the USB cable going to the BaseStation....
    20210221_164816.jpg 20210221_164819.jpg
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  2. Sumner

    Sumner TrainBoard Member

    I like that a lot!! I really like Logitech $30-$35 wireless mouse/keyboard combinations. Have them on 3 different computers. I like the outlet box on the back. Great idea.

    How about a double outlet box with a switch also in the box to turn everything on/off. You can also get the ....


    ... ones that add another outlet. 2 could be controlled by the switch if you wanted and the third one on all the time,

  3. FlightRisk

    FlightRisk TrainBoard Member

    That is a great idea. There are lots of ready made variations for small screens. I use an 8" screen. I was thinking of getting a 10.1" and making a tablet out of it. A bit bulky, probably better to just get a tablet to remote into the Pi desktop like I do with my laptop. This is one of the small all in one monitors:

    The bare bones ones are just a monitor display panel, itself without a case, and two legs you put at the bottom with the Pi on the back. You can buy touchscreens and a pi and then just buy the empty case too. Those are for people who like the tinkerer/Doc Brown look. ;) Kinda cool, but obviously not for when you want a 15" monitor like your big display. You could put a DCC++ EX Arduino Command Station on the back of your too and carry a whole layout system around with you. ;)

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  4. french_guy

    french_guy TrainBoard Member

    19's a 22" monitor. I wanted something large enough for locomotives programming
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  5. french_guy

    french_guy TrainBoard Member

    I realized there is a typo in the subject ("by" instead of "my").....But I don't see anywhere how to fix it?
  6. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member

    That's cool!

    I have a Pi-SPROG 3 system that could mount that way very well.

    I would need more power outlets than shown. I currently use a switched power strip, that would easily mount to the board in lieu of the outlet box/cover. I'd have to strap the SPROG PS brick to the board too.

    With wireless keyboard and mouse, that would leave just the two track leads, and the power strip's cord, leaving the back of the monitor.

    But I currently only use a laptop to VNC into the Pi when I'm programming a loco with DP. Otherwise, the R-Pi is running headless, and I use my phone/apps for throttle and safe shutdown of the Pi. That will change when I start to control the turnouts via PP...

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