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Hardcoaler Nov 12, 2018

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    There was a time when most Class 1 and even Class 2 railroads maintained a network of off line sales offices to entice new business and to maintain important relationships with existing accounts. This was an era where trusted friendships were built with local offices and distant 800-Numbers to Corporate offices were rarely used.

    I was cleaning our hobby room today and found a number of old railroad business cards left from my career in transportation with a large industrial shipper. One was this card from a friend in the Milwaukee Road's Birmingham, AL office. I've erased his name for confidentiality, but he, like others I found from the AT&SF, SOU, B&M, Soo, FEC and CR helped me to recall a better time.

    MILW Business Card - real small.jpg
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    Oh yes. They even had one in Tokyo. Way back when the railroads had a force of real sales people, who went out and actively sought out any and all shippers. Not like today, where far, far less is done. :(
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