The Wolfeboro Railroad

Trainman4 Oct 18, 2010

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    The Wolfeboro Railroad was a Tourist line that ran on the old B&M Wolfeboro Branch. They had quite the reputation with their steam locomotive Ex B&HS #250, a Baldwin 2-6-2 Prarie built in 1926. They even ran Lancaster, Oxford, and Southern #10 before it went to Strasburg. They also had 3 wooden coaches, 2 steel coaches, flat car, plymoth, caboose, and a plow. Also not to mention Ex B&M #1186. An Alco S3 Desiel. The line went out of buisiness in 1985. #250 is now a static Display at the Ediville USA. #1186 is running at the Hobo R.R. in Lincoln NH. One of the wooden coaches is in Lowel MA, #10 oviously at Strasburg. The others are a mystery...

    Share your memories of the railroad here! and also we could find a way to return #250 to steam!

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