The smallest metro system of the World

subwaymark Apr 17, 2000

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    Hello there,

    I am a major supporter and fan of rail transit systems. My special interest are Subways. I thought I put this post to see where it would go. I nominate The Catania Metro as the smallest metro in the world.

    I recently was in Catania, Italy (Sicily). I was surprised to find that this city had a Metro. The Line only has 6 stations, 4 undergound. It is double-tracked for the underground portion and single track for the final third of the line. It's min. service interval is 15 minutes. It stops at the Port, the main train station goes through the gov't district and end below the narrow gauge surfce line that it replaced. I would say the line can be no longer then about 3 miles.

    I hope to have photos of this system on my website in about 3 weeks. Please visit my site at:

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    Wow, I thought Sky Train was small......

    Dane N.

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