The Pequonnock Branch

Thieu Mar 30, 2019

  1. Thieu

    Thieu TrainBoard Member

    I have built (too) many layouts, and none of them ever got finished. Two of them were called The Pequonnock Branch. Eventually, I decided to quit building layouts and instead focus on building modules. Without a good train room, it felt pointless to start over again and again and again. But now, I have a train room! And it has a door that stays closed all day! So, no dust anymore, and also very important: no cats walking over the layout and leaving their hairs everywhere.

    The new Pequonnock Branch layout will be small, since the room is rather small. And I have several modules and other projects that need storage too, so I can't use all the space. But I hope that it will be enough to build something nice, with a lot of scratchbuilt houses, and tracks to display my roster of New Haven equipment.

    I have started this week with building the wooden frame in my garage. Today, I have put the layout at its spot, in the train room.

    Next step: a trackplan. And then: ordering track.

    2019-03-27 (3).JPG

    2019-03-30 (2).jpg
  2. Thieu

    Thieu TrainBoard Member

    I have a the track plan now: a double oval with a station and some industrial spurs. I 'designed' the plan by using trackpieces. After a while, I was happy with the results. There are enough tracks at the station for my passenger cars, and there are enough spurs to spot freight cars. The curves are Kato, the turnouts and flextracks are Peco c55.

    2019-05-05 (1).jpg 2019-05-05 (3).jpg

    I also started with renovating some of my scratchbuilt houses. A few only needed a chimney and some weathering, another house needed a complete storefront and paint. A very old factory - built in my early days of scratchbuilding - needed a new roof. The picture on the left shows 'before', the picture on the right 'after'.

    2019-05-28.JPG 2019-06-08 (2).jpg

    There was still a New Haven tower kit laying somewhere around. I had bought it many years ago but did not want to build it, since it is wooden lasercut and I really don't like that material..... So I asked my wife to build it :)

    2019-06-08 (3).jpg

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    I like the track plan. Looks like it will be fun to operate.
  4. Hardcoaler

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    Wow, she did a great job on it, pagoda roof and all. (y) NYNH&H towers had an unmistakable architectural style all their own.
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  6. Thieu

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    Started with a new building for Main Street.


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