The Orphan Line Of KCS

Hytec Apr 7, 2001

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    I have some photos of the KCS (Mid-South)engine terminal at Gulfport, MS.

    This line was part of the system that Mid-South bought from IC around 1986, and later sold to KCS in 1993. This 70 mile line between Gulfport and Hattiesburg, MS is isolated from the rest of KCS by a 70 mile line from Hattiesburg to Jackson, MS that IC (now CN) kept. The entire 140 mile line from Gulfport to Jackson started life as the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad in 1904+/-, serving the logging industry in south Mississippi and carrying passengers from/to Chicago into the late 1940's. This is also the line that the State Port wants to buy and upgrade to 50 mph welded rail for double stack traffic.

    The first photo shows the five engines assigned to Gulfport. They are all ex-IC GP-10 Paducah Re-builds. 1081 leads a 4-unit group that takes a train to the KCS Jackson yard on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and returns the next day(s). 1034(?) on the right handles local switching at the Port and for other customers around Gulfport.


    This is the terminal Office(!). I don't know the car's heritage, but it looks like it may have been an IC Baggage car. (It's lone occupant was curious what I was doing until he saw the camera [​IMG])


    1067 just arrived a few days ago, probably in tow because its exhaust stacks are covered with plastic and duct tape.


    Interestingly, 1067 is listed on the KCS roster as a GP-10, but it doesn't look like any of the others. It still has a high short hood, and it doesn't have the intake ducting that is common for other GP-10's rebuilt at Paducah. However 1067 does have ditch lights, so it has been modified, at least partially to current standards.


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    There IS one other orphan stretch of KCS- the
    remaining L&A branch from the LA state line north to Hope, AR. The line is out of service from Springhill, LA to Anthony, AR, about 4 miles south of Hope. For some time, KCS kept a GP7 at Hope for a crew to deadhead from Shreveport & switch local customers, and swap cars with the Kiamichi RR
    and UP at Hope. In 1994 or 1995, Kiamihci leased this track from KCS and became the designated operator. The joint yard at Hope was a Frisco/KCS yard at one time. KRR has upgraded the track in the yard, and services Hope with a daily turn out of Ashdown, 30 miles west. Besides the chicken feed mills on this stub of the L&A, KRR has plenty other customers at Hope to keep busy. And to add to things, Kiamichi trains have to cross the UP (ex-MP) at grade in Hope, and are delayed by the UP dispatcher.
    The rest of the L&A was embargoed by KCS from Springhill north to Anthony, and the crossing diamonds over the former Cotton Belt are out at Stamps, AR.
    So even though Kiamichi runs this small stretch of line now, it IS still KCS property.

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