The NF&G in S

jfrydom Aug 7, 2010

  1. jfrydom

    jfrydom TrainBoard Member

    Well, my Research request has arrived and 2 days later I've churned out a trackplan. It is in S scale, with 3 decks the bottom one being staging. I plan on building in stages starting with the middle deck. The middle level features the Engine terminal at rainelle, while the top level host the three track yard right before Rainelle and G&E junction followed by the tipples at Anjean and Clearco, respectively. I designed the plan using the demo version of 3rD planit, but it crashed before I finished the top deck. Therefore all pictures have been scanned off of prints. The minimum turnout is a #5. Most are # 6 and above. Mainline turnout consist of #^ and above + #5 wyes. The ruling radius for the mainline is 33" and minimum for sidings is 25".

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