Märklin The GG1 is back!

ztrack Jan 17, 2012

  1. ztrack

    ztrack TrainBoard Supporter Advertiser

    Today, the first list of Markln's 2012 new items has been announced. Marklin is bringing back the GG1 in the Tuscan red scheme. For European fans, it appears Marklin is releases Swiss Re 4/4 II locomotives. These are classic electrics. The list posted as of today on the Marklin user forum is below:

    81 972 Anniversary Package "40 Years of Mini-Club", DB, era III
    82 422 Freight Car Set, era V
    82 702 heavy trucks with loading, DB, era III
    82 800 Güterwagenset "ore", Ep III
    86 211 car kit hot metal cars, Ep III - V
    86 212 car kit slag cars, Ep III - V
    86 580 car-set freight cars, three-piece, DR, Ep II
    87 101 Express coach, 1st Class, DB, era III
    87 112 Express coach, 2nd Class, DB, era III
    87 121 high-speed railway baggage cars, DB, era III
    87 131 high-speed railway dining car, DB, era III
    87 299 wagon pack double deckers "metronome" Ep.V
    87 401 express car set, 5-piece, DB, era IV
    87 662 car set SBB "City €" 4-part, Ep V
    88 193 Electric locomotive BR 189, DB Raillion, Ep V
    88 370 Diesel Locomotive BR 246 metronome, Ep V
    88 436 Electric locomotive BR 243, DR, Ep IV
    88 492 electric locomotive series GG-1, PRR, Ep III
    88 591 Electric locomotive Re 4 / 4 II red, SBB, Ep V
    88 843 heavy freight locomotive with a Tender BR 50, Ep III
    88 973 steam locomotive with tender, BR 44, DB, era III

  2. jdo

    jdo TrainBoard Member

    Rob, hopefully the heavy weight passenger cars will be available in PRR soon, to go with the GG1.
  3. ztrack

    ztrack TrainBoard Supporter Advertiser

    Ohh that would be great to see Heavyweights in Z behind the GG1. It is exciting to think about!

    I really need to build a PRR themed layout. I have ideas for one, but I just need to do it.


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