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DRGW_hero Sep 19, 2009

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    Topics Merged

    Found we have at least 2 topics going on this in different forums, so I have merged them together...

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    New Flash - 9News.com

    Amtrak: No deal to operate Colorado's Ski Train

    DENVER (AP) - Amtrak says it hasn't been able to reach a deal to operate the latest version of Colorado's Ski Train.

    The passenger train between Denver and Winter Park shut down last year but Chicago-based Iowa Pacific Holdings has been working to revive it starting this weekend.

    Amtrak has been in talks to provide engineers and conductors but on Tuesday it said they were at an impasse because of issues including staffing requirements and liability.

    Amtrak also said it hasn't gotten notice that Iowa Pacific has complied with all federal rail safety regulations.

    Iowa Pacific didn't have an immediate comment and it's not clear whether the Ski Train will still be able to operate without Amtrak.

    Union Pacific owns the tracks and has agreed to Iowa Pacific to use them.
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    New Ski Train Possibly derailed before it even leaves the station...


    Seriously, what is wrong with Amtrak? Were they expecting to use their own equipment or something?

    However, not sure why the new Ski Train would need the Amtrak employees, the original Ski Train was almost all volunteers, was it not?

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    After looking at a picture of the train I failed to see the attraction.

    A sad step away from the traditions of the mountain.

    It's to bad this same company couldn't of found a way to include Anschutz's, D&RGW painted ski train. I will miss that!

    Here's hoping they can put it all together.

    I just realized the issue. Something to keep in mind. Amtrak employees are essentially the only approved crews that can operate on the Class 1 Railroads. Ie., The ATSF, #3751 is allowed to run on the Class 1 Railroads only as an Amtrak train or hosting railroad employee special. The same can be said for the SP, GS4, #4449. Just to give you a few examples. U.P. has balked at operating the #4449 on old SP tracks. They have allowed it to run as an Amtrak train with the Amtrak crew at the helm.

    To conclusion this train can only operate on the now U.P. tracks as an Amtrak train.

    I could give other examples but I think you've figured it out by now.
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    An RGSR Fan Weighs In

    I've posted my own thoughts about Amtrak's lunacy on my blog, complete with artwork. Seriously, indeed.

    The Ski Train was presumably staffed with Rio Grande employees. Then, under Ansco in 1988, they likely made an arrangement with SP to be grandfathered in as far as operational requirements go. This agreement was probably in the terms of the UP-SP merger. Do I know all this for fact? No, but it's a logical conclusion.

    Good points and examples about UP Amtrak authorization, and this will not work in the RGSR's favor if Amtrak gets a favorable ruling.

    While Maroon isn't my first choice either, the speed lettering grabs my heart and says Yessss! Because the Royal Gorge has duplicated the Rio Grande schemes (both freight and passenger units), because W&LE has the freight units, and because Ansco still had the F40 set, I can see how finding a good Grande scheme that stands out from the crowd of descendants can be hard.

    The only SD90 that I saw looking better was a kitbashed Rio Grande-as-it-woulda-been SD90 in HO Scale! I would have loved to see that in real life. And knowing the Grande's quest for HP at altitude, you know they would have bought them.
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    Officially done for 2009-2010!

    As if Amtrak needed yet another black eye... sheesh.

    I especially like the comment from Amtrak stating the SD90Macs are not "powerful" enough to be used in Ski Train service... uh huh and 3 tiny F-40s were?


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