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friscobob Jul 4, 2004

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    Sorry for the silly topic title, but there are plans afoot for Watco to assume control of the KCS's former Hope Branch from near the Shreveport Union Terminal site north to Springhill, LA (near the Arkansas state line). North to Anthony (4 miles south of Hope), the line is gone, having been embargoed by KCS and removed not long after. Kiamichi RR has the Hope-Anthony segment in a lease from KCS, and seerves it with the Hope Turn which runs daily out of Ashdown, AR.

    The Minden-Springhill line should be passing into Watco's control around July 15.

    This is information from Watco and Timber Rock RR employee Mark St. Aubin.

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    When they'e all finished with these acquisitions, it would be interesting to see a new map. Might give a better feeling for what the company can accomplish. Or a hint as to their future dreams/plans.


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