Sydney monorail to be scrapped

Mr. RSS Mar 23, 2012

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    AUSTRALIA: The New South Wales government announced on March 23 that it had paid A$19·8m to acquire light rail and monorail owner Metro Transport Sydney, clearing the way for the monorail to be removed to accommodate the new Sydney International Convention Exhibition & Entertainment Precinct. The deal will also simplify contractual arrangements for planned expansion of the city's light rail network.'The NSW government is committed to expanding light rail and extending the Inner West Light Rail to Dulwich Hill', said Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian. A strategic plan examining the feasibility of light rail extensions through the CBD and to the universities of Sydney and New South Wales is to be completed in the middle of this year, and buying MTS 'gives certainty to transport planners and will ensure light rail is fully integrated with the wider public transport network.' State Premier Barry O'Farrell said the 3·6 km monorail loop had 'never been truly embraced by the community' since opening in 1988; 54% of its 3 million riders a year are visitors to the city. Now it is reaching the end of its economic life, and the government 'cannot justify costly upgrades like the purchase of new vehicles required to keep it running.' Veolia retains its light rail and monorail operating contract with MTS, but the monorail will be removed 'as soon as feasible after obtaining the necessary approvals and consulting with stakeholders'. MTS said the end of the monorail was' very disappointing', but the commitment to redeveloping the Darling Harbour area was 'exciting'.

  2. Flash Blackman

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    Probably a good idea to scrap the monorail. I only rode it once as it only circled the downtown area. OTOH, the light rail was pretty good and went to some neat places to see. I hope they can get the light rail into the downtown and Circular Quay areas.
  3. JASON

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    Wow,I remember digging footings etc for this when it kicked off years ago.20t excavator all around Darling Harbour....Funny how at the time I dug up old tram way rail sections,very very early cast iron trackage.
    Ironic,mono rail replaces trams & now trams replacing the mono rail.......
    SO Flash,when are you & your family heading down under again?

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