SwitchWithIt Ver Available

ncng Aug 2, 2020

  1. ncng

    ncng TrainBoard Member

    A new version of SwitchWithIt is available on SourceForge:


    This version addresses 2 items:

    1. Making changes to a route while a train is running on the route resulted in the train being unable to be terminated. A check has been added on the Routes tab to prevent the saving of routes when a train is running on the route.

    2. A problem has been reported where some cars are being assigned to a non-existent train. The cause of this problem has not been determined. A temporary error correction routine has been included in this version to automatically remove the cars from the non-existent train. Also, an error message has been added to the program that will appear if the error occurs. If you encounter this error message, please follow the instructions that are on the message to help with tracking down the problem.


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