SwitchWithIt Ver Available

ncng Jun 29, 2018

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    Starting with this release, the Default directory where the program will install is c:/user/switchwithit. Hopefully, this will eliminate the requirement to run the program as Administrator.

    If you are currently using SwitchWithIt, the installer will attempt to save the new files to the existing location of the program on your computer. If it does NOT save the files to your current directory, you may manually copy your existing data files (files ending in .dat) to the program's current location.

    The program is available for download on SourceForge.net.

    SwitchWithIt Release Notes
    Version Date 06/20/2018​

    The following changes are incorporated in this version:

    1. The current status of freight cars with a shipment defined with a Train Waits While Unloaded was not changing from Loaded to Empty (EA, ES, ER) when the train was terminated. This has been corrected.

    2. Cancelling a train with a Train Waits While Unloaded car resulted in an error and the subject car placed in an undefined location. This has been corrected.

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