SwitchWithIt Screen Shots (As Requested)

ncng Mar 5, 2018

  1. ncng

    ncng TrainBoard Member

    Here are a few screen shots of the tabs on the main part of the program. The pictures go through each of the tabs from left to right.

    The first tab, Switchlist, is the one that will be used most of the time once all of your data has been entered. This shows the available trains and what trains are currently running.


    The locations tab is for entering the towns and yards. 2.jpg

    The industries tab is where you enter all of the industries and the sidings at those industries.

    The routes tab is used to define all of the routes you might want to run. 4.jpg

    The trains tab is where you define the trains that run on the routes.


    The Rolling Stock tab is where you define all of your rolling stock.


    Finally, the Shipments tab is where you define your shipments.


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