SwitchWithIt Beta-Help Request

ncng Mar 22, 2021

  1. ncng

    ncng TrainBoard Member

    I have just uploaded a Beta version of SwitchWithIt to SourceForge:


    This new beta version sets the data files' attributes to Normal when they are first created. If you previously experienced problems with the files being Read Only, please test this new version to see if the same problem occurs.

    This is not an installation version. It has no help file or shortcuts.

    1. Create a new folder on any disk (can be a thumb drive)

    2. Copy the SwitchWithIt_Beta.exe file to the new folder

    3. Start the program by single clicking, double clicking (However you normally start a program) or right click on the program and select open.

    4. Try entering data.

    5. Close the program.

    6. Start the program again and see if the data you entered is still there.

    7. Let me know the result here on Trainboard or send to SwitchWithIt@zoho.com

    Thank you.


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