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HemiAdda2d Aug 17, 2022

  1. HemiAdda2d

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    While this is a photo thread, the idea is to share some creative writing that paints a picture, brings the viewer into the image, providing a more immersive experience than just a simple photo and caption.

    While I'm no English major or professional writer, I'll get us started. Here goes nothing!:p

    Singing the song of the modern iron horse, the daily CP St. Paul-Edmonton freight grinds past the historic 1905 Soo Line freight house.

    The flanges shriek and wail like the deafening howl of a tornado as steel flanges fight against the curvature of continuously-welded, 136 pounds-per-yard steel ribbons thru downtown Minot. The screaming whistle is nearly continuous as the tracks cross a quartet of tightly-spaced roads in the heart of downtown, halting hungry and cranky rush hour commuters anxious to get home from work. The impatient rumble of General Electric and General Motors-borne prime movers accelerating the train bark in a staccato, disjointed chant as more than ten thousand tons of steel and revenue cargo are begrudgingly urged westward. More than 500 steel wheels roll past in the muted hiss or occasional thumping of a flattened wheel tread. Empty rolling stock shudders and shakes, echoing each thud as if an empty 55-gallon drum, adding to the metallic symphony. The track groans under the terrific weight of the steel snake slithering through the serpentine curves, heaving and creaking with each wheel’s passage. This is the sound of American commerce, a song repeated a couple dozen times each day on the old Soo Line.

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    Well constructive picturesque narrative.
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    Nice! As I read it, I imagined it narrated by a typical 1940s or 1950s radio news voice, watching a black-and-white newsreel of that era.

    Nobody needs to be an English major to write a darn good narrative. If it makes my brain do that, it has to be good. (y)
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