Sputtering start to a new layout

Stephane Savard May 24, 2018

  1. KeithUKN

    KeithUKN New Member

    Hello Stephane,
    Just came across an interesting comment on the MERG site which might be of interest to you.
    Vishay make a very small modular IR sensor, part TCRT5000, it is small enough to fit between N gauge rails. Digikey hold this as part 751-1033-5-ND.
    I expect it is available for the usual online sellers as well! I am going to try some of these as it is easier than using the 'robotics' units I have which are on a small PCB with a comparator and sensitivity adjuster.
  2. Stephane Savard

    Stephane Savard TrainBoard Member

    Morning Keith!

    I've looked at the datasheet for the part you provided. Honestly, it looks to be more difficult to use than the two individual parts I used. The sensor/emitter I used are 3mm in size, same as this new part. However the housing will be difficult to fit between the rails, certainly more difficult than just drilling two holes. In my case I had to drill these through plywood, two inches of foam, a woodland scenic foam riser and the cork roadbed. I used a 3/32 drill bit, one that's 12 inches long. :D You'll also still need the resistors.

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