Springfield Missouri train shows

spyder62 Aug 6, 2019

  1. spyder62

    spyder62 TrainBoard Member

    Hi All
    Thinking of driving to the Springfield area and looking at houses ( Oregon is getting crazier by the day)
    The Ozarks Model Railroad Association is having a show on September 7th and was wondering if it is worth bring stock out and doing the show while we are there. Makes a difference in what vehicle we take.
    Hard to tell as it's only a one day show
  2. dalebaker

    dalebaker TrainBoard Member

    The times I’ve gone it’s pretty well attended. I’m not sure how sales would be, I might suggest you contact them as see what ORMCA can tell you. But that is definitely a long way to go! But if you are thinking of relocating, there are some pretty valleys south of Fayetteville Arkansas along I-49. The Arkansas and Missouri runs through there. I mentioned once to the boss that I’d like to retire there, she allowed she’d come visit occasionally. As long as the grand’s are in Tulsa......
    Oh well....

    There are also some pretty active modelers in NW Arkansas as well.
  3. acptulsa

    acptulsa TrainBoard Member

    I agree there are parts of Arkansas within an couple of hours of Springfield that are awfully pretty.

    You'll do better at the show if you have plenty of Frisco stuff.
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