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f2shooter May 8, 2017

  1. f2shooter

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    Evening all,

    I've mentioned here in the past that I normally do a Christmas train as part of a display at a hotel/conference center locally. I've done it for five years now and have bumped into an unexpected problem. My locomotives are not holding up. The first two years I used Egg Liners that were in new condition and had been painted to suit the purpose. Both did very well but with run times of about 15-18 hours a day for 30 days it began to wear them excessively. I rebuilt one of them at least enough to get another season from it and it still runs well. I also found a good deal on a Little Critter at the convention a few years ago. This was also painted into a Christmas loco and ran great until it didn't in 2016, then it was back to an Eggliner. My question then is what would make a good locomotive that will be used about one month a year and will be able to hold up for about 1200 miles of running? I always check this train closely for problems and general maintenance so if it starts to fail I will be able to replace it quickly. It needs to be able to pull about five flat cars during this time and must be able to handle some very tight curves due to space limitation. Colors don't matter as it will be repainted for use as Christmas train. For what it is worth, the cars in this train were decorated and first used in 2012 and after many hours of running with basic maintenance they show no signs of wear. Anyway, it's something I enjoy each year but need to find a new loco. Ideas? Thanks.

    Rick H.
  2. Mdwildcat04

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    Most LGB locos are built like tanks. If you want to keep the eggliners, Bachmann is makeing them now, with parts available soon.
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    LGB number 23131 is a fine looking thing, and more interesting to watch run with its steamer side rods. It looks like Christmas without any repainting at all, and should handle the tightest curves you can find in G.

    It costs three times as much as an egg, but with proper maintenance, should last at least three times as long.

    Whatever you run, no model train is really designed for continual running. Constant operation heats up the lubricating oil, causing it to thin out, which leads it to cling to vital parts less and drip down more--or evaporate, which oil can do if its hot enough. To make anything really last, the engine should be disassembled, cleaned and treated to fresh oil at least once or twice during its month of otherwise constant service.

    Just lightly lubricating once or twice a week ought to end the abnormal wear. But if you do that and wait until the end of the season to disassemble and clean it, that cleaning will be quite a chore. But remember, oil doesn't just collect dirt, it also conducts electricity. Overlubrication can cause an electrical short.
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  4. Point353

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    Continuing the LGB theme, I'd suggest this set:

    I've had one of the earlier versions of this set for over 20 years and it still sees annual operation under the tree.

    An advantage of the LGB loco mechanism is the fully enclosed gearbox, which prevents contaminants from getting inside.
    These locos can run for years without having to be serviced.

  5. f2shooter

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    I've seen LGB but never had any as the price seemed a bit steep at the time. Not so much now, that may be the answer I am looking for. I wonder if it is sold throughout the year. This is set up at the end of November and there is a big grand opening each year that attracts quite a few people. It's a lot of fun, for me anyway. I have several Egg Liners but they are strictly fantasy and I'd like to get something that looks like a railroad locomotive and the 0-4-0 with all the moving parts and already Christmas themed looks good. Will these run on the same transformer the Egg Liners use or is there something specific to LGB? I love steam locomotives. Still the Eggliners are there if needed.

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