SP in 1953, Daylight & Overnight

Onizukachan Nov 18, 2018

  1. Onizukachan

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    Windows created and LED lighting installed. I went ahead and installed all three 603 LEDs since eventually I’ll want them all. One is for the fiber optic headlight, one is in the rear for an eventual brake/running light, and one is facing up in the roof just ahead of the trolley pole that will do the sparking caternary effect later.

    I also had to build a “dashboard” and “rear deck lid” in the body shell to block the light from the front and rear LEDs... it looked silly with only the front and rear windows lit up.

    Still a little light spill from the rear on the tracks. But won’t look bad once I add the red lens paint to the led I think.

  2. SP-Wolf

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    Happy Birthday -- and -- the PCC's are looking good.

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    Thanks Wolfgang!

    Also thanks to Carl for telling me about the fiber optics sampler. I used it for the pole, the headlight and the tail lights.

    Spent way too much time on it, but other than installing the sparking module, it is done!

    Several folks have asked how I mounted it, etc. so I will start there.

    I used the Tomytec TR-Tm04 chassis, extended to the second wheelbase, and with the LL frame extensions front and rear.
    I also used the supplied weights in the extensions. It is a very very close match the front is a little short, but some cardstock from Kato packaging (it’s green) worked for the tiny lip I added on the front.

    To mount the shell, I used a couple of strips of 1/16th? Foam I had laying around. One strip per side where the original mounts were, but skipping the door. You can also sort of see the “dashboard” and the decklid box I made from card stock and lined with aluminum foil for light blocking purposes.

    See here:


    and here:


    And here you can see how simply I mounted the front LED and the chin plate I made. (And yes I painted the rear decklid box’s foil interior with tamiya red translucent paint because, why not?)


    Now on to tonight’s accomplishments.

    First I drilled the original pole base for a .075 fiber optic cable then made a matching hole in the body, cut to length and pushed it most of the way thru, then carefully flared the inner end with a lighter. I then trimmed almost all the original pole off, and used the remainder of it as a “support”
    I then painted it black for light control.


    After fiddling with the location of the upper LED to get it correctly aligned, I then painted the pole aluminum, and touched the wheel faces with Tamiya panel line brown. Worked great to give them that new but oxidized look.


    Proof of concept was successful:

    (You can also see I have the rear LED installed and painted red but the lights aren’t drilled out yet.)

    Now I ran the chassis shell off just to make sure there were no obvious issues... and also to share what it looks like under the shell.

    Now that I was happy with it, I finished by painting the clearance lights front and rear, did a little tamiya black panel line on all the cast details.
    I also drilled and installed 075 fiber optics (flared very slightly) for the rear lenses. Before pushing them home, I spread a little Krystal Kleer in the hole, and painted them with Tamiya translucent red paint.


    The maintenance crew at the San Medina Trolley Company finally removed the PTC logos and side numbers, they left the front and rear numbers though.
    I guess they haven’t come up with their own logo yet?


    And finally here it is in action...

    As Mr. Rogers would say, please use your power of imagination that the pole is flickering on briefly and randomly... instead of steady on.

    I hope you enjoyed following along on this adventure!
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    Not bad. I used the lower voltage module as suggested instead of the analog version, but that was a mistake. It now comes on before motor does. I will have to go back and find room for a resistor between the bridge rectifier and the module at some point to change that behavior.
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  5. JMaurer1

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    Those are some of the worst builds I have ever seen :LOL::rolleyes:
  6. Onizukachan

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  7. Onizukachan

    Onizukachan TrainBoard Supporter

    Sorry if I didn’t follow, were you talking about the PCC?
    I thought the PCC was fun and I’m looking forward to getting the lines installed now that the pole “sparks”.
    I enjoy the serious train modeling, but It should be fun too. It’s one of the things I most liked about monorail modeling. And the thing survived my daughter taking it and trying to re-rail it when no one was looking.

    If you were making a joke and meant buildings instead of builds., yes. Just easier to put bottles, boxes, random stuff in the middle to get an idea of what it would be like with buildings, alleyways, etc.
  8. Hardcoaler

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    Not sure where to post this, but I was watching NHK World this morning and enjoyed this brief railway segment from their Japan From Above series. The videography is excellent.

    YouTube won't allow me to embed or even link to the video here, so you'll need to go to YouTube and search for:

    Staying on Track [Aomori] - JAPAN FROM ABOVE: UP CLOSE
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  10. Onizukachan

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    Well folks, good news:
    My Tomix 500 type EVA Shinkansen arrived today!
    We unboxed and unwrapped it, all the accessories stickers manuals etc are still in their wrapping and it is mint/ like new condition as I expected!

    Bed news:
    What also arrived today is a letter from our landlords letting us know they will not be renewing our lease because they are gifting the house to their daughter, so we have until October 31st to find a new place to live. Grrrrr. I had hoped not to move for 1- two more years until we were ready to buy a house of our own.
    So I immediately wrapped it back up and put it away.

    I had planned to finally glue and ballast the track on the matching twin TTRAK module this weekend, but I may not even bother with that. Everything train related needs to start getting boxed up and put away, so we can start using the folding tables and space to pack the rest of the household stuff, sort thru what to keep and what to Garage sale, etc.

    I’m getting a seriously loaded 2015 f31 Msport with the active suspension later this week, since my also seriously loaded (I have factory TV!) 2004 e46 Touring needs to be taken off the road for a while before I hand it down to my son... so all my hobby money is about to be redirected to that anyway.
    In a way it makes it easier to put away the trains. For now.

    Just wanted to give a heads up as to why I’ll be around very little for the next few months and not posting updates or new mods and ideas.
    I apologize in advance for that, as I also was looking forward to having something completed.
    I haven’t even run a train since the New Mexico Nscalers invited us up in March to debut the Daylight and ac12 for the first time on their club layout at an open house.
    I do want to say It’s a great layout and if you get the chance to attend an open house, please do. Very fun guys and a very fun layout to Railfan on!

    So for now I will say till next time, and hope to see you all again soon!
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  11. Joe Lovett

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    Keep in touch with us and good luck on finding another place to live. Cynthia and I have been looking for a new home so we can get out of this apartment. So I know how you feel. Fortunately we don't have a time limit.

  12. Carl Sowell

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    Glad to hear about the new train and happy it made the journey in one piece.

    Sad to hear about the forced move. Moves suck, a lot of work. In our 56-1/2 years we moved cities 4 times and 3 times in El Paso. So, no expert but well challenged.

    You do not have to "moth ball" all of your trains, you are more than welcome to come to our monthly "run/fun day" at the layout and partake. The annual fair will be Wed. 9/25 - Sun. 9/29. we usually operate the layout from 9:00 am to 7 or 8 pm, depending on traffic. If you get "withdrawal symptoms" come on up.

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    Thanks Carl. We did find a new slightly smaller place but it has a long built in workbench in the garage, perfect for running t trak modules or Just to lay down some unitrack on.
    We have the weekend of the 21st and the 28th to get moved in to the new place, as we agreed to be out by end of September for an incentive payment. And their daughter is buying our washer dryer combo so we only have to sell the double fridge.

    But My daughter and I might be able to sneak up on the 29th.
    Would be very nice to see you and the guys again.
    I’ll have to bring the giant Kato rerailer and the ABA F3s this time.
    Perhaps someone can help me figure out how to get them to consist, couldn’t seem to get DCC++ to do it in JMRI!

    I also told Mike, and I’m reaffirming to you, we have two 8ft and two 6ft folding banquet tables we bought so if the club (or you personally) ever need to borrow them let us know.

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