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Geared Steam May 31, 2011

  1. Geared Steam

    Geared Steam Permanently dispatched

    Hi guys
    I finally was able to visit this wonderful museum again, this time armed with my camera.
    The Southern Forest Heritage Museum, located in Long Leaf, Louisiana, is the oldest complete sawmill facility in the South. This complex is unique in that it is a complete sawmill complex dating from the early 20th century, and that it has the most complete collection of steam-powered logging and milling equipment known to exist. The museum is spread over a 57 acre area. On the property is the commissary, providing an entrance to the museum, the Planer Mill, the Planer Mill Power Plant, the Water Pumping Station, the Round House, the Machine Shop, the Carknocker Shop, the Sawmill, the Sawmill Power Plant, and Storage Sheds. Railroad equipment that can be seen at the museum includes three locomotives, a McGiffert Loader, and a rare Clyde Rehaul Skidder. In addition, one can see many artifacts that were left in place when the mill closed February 14, 1969.

    This is a picture intense tour, so instead of posting the pictures here, you can view my blog here. (there are no pop ups or other annoying things that sometimes inhabit personal websites)

    Here is a taste of what you will see. Enjoy!!




  2. Hytec

    Hytec TrainBoard Member

    You have a wonderful Blog, thanks for sharing.

    The cylinder configuration of #106 is strange, possibly a Vulcain design, do you have any information?
  3. hspent2468

    hspent2468 TrainBoard Member

    Very lovely photographs

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