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Rappannahock Terminal Jul 15, 2000

  1. Rappannahock Terminal

    Rappannahock Terminal E-Mail Bounces

    I have to tell you that the layout is only 1' wide and about 40'long.There are 8 speakers + amplifiers under the layout that have all necessary sounds, as idling diesels, horns, bells, running diesels, squealing wheels..that all make a lovely hellsound, but it ads a lot to the atmosphere.






    Paul Van Herwegen
    ponca Yard

    Paul Van Herwegen
    Rappannahock Terminal Railway
  2. Peirce

    Peirce Passed away April 3, 2009 In Memoriam

    Hey, Paul. I see you are a PhotoPoint member. What a handy place that site has turned out to be!

    I invite you (and everyone else) to visit my albums there. I have three on the subject of railroads and am adding pictures almost weekly.

    Here is the URL for all my albums. Comments always welcome.

    Peirce Behrendt
    Southbury, CT

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