Skelton Junction in the UK

Roger Farnworth Aug 15, 2019

  1. Roger Farnworth

    Roger Farnworth TrainBoard Member

    What makes a good post? I am not exactly sure. Many of mine are somewhat self-indulgent. I see something I want to investigate and I write about it. ...

    There are older threads about Skelton Junction and surrounding lines on which I reference towards the end of this post.

    The reason I wanted to look at this was utterly self-indulgent.

    Long ago, ... long, long ago ... I lived in Broadheath. My home was less than a mile from Skelton Junction. Doing some investigation was as much about my roots as it was about railways. ....

    This short piece is the result:

    The really significant piece of work was what prompted my interest in the first place - an article by Eddie Johnson in the November 2003 issue of Steam Days.

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