News Searails EMD Model 40 diesel switcher

Garth-H May 11, 2014

  1. Garth-H

    Garth-H TrainBoard Supporter

    searails Z-scale EMD type 40-image.jpg

    THis is the new offering from Searails.

    I have posted some videos on my Youtube channel

    I was impressed with this engine. It is a brass casting on a power max V2 chassis with directional lighting.

    It will run on the smallest of Rokuhan curved radii, on the flat I was able to pull reliably 7 Intermountain cars, which are mounted on AZL trucks with auto latch couplers, The Model 40 comes with Micro Trains 905 mounted at both ends. After seeing how many grain hoppers it would pull, I switched to Micro Trains cars and was able to reliably pull a mixed train of 10 cars with a caboose, again all these cars have had their wheel sets changed to metal wheels sets. I tested the engine with grain hoppers on 4% grade and was able to start and stop 4 cars on a grade with a curve (R220mm). all testing was done on ROkuhan roadbed track on my 2 x 6 ft test and show layout. David George also received one of these engines.
  2. Curn

    Curn TrainBoard Member

    Great videos Garth! Can't wait to get mine, but I'm probably 40th in line. Looks to be a good scale compared with the rest of the rooling stock. Hopefully all the issues worked out bringing this to market will help get the Nn2 to market with a shorter development time.
  3. henrikH

    henrikH TrainBoard Member

    It looks great! Perfect for my industrial 30x120cm shifting layout!

    Is this a limited run, or will it be available for some while?

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