ScaleTrains 3rd Run N Dry & Reefer Containers

pmpexpress Nov 10, 2018

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    Last run over two years ago, ScaleTrains has just announced a 3rd run of Operator series CIMC 53' Dry and Reefer Containers.

    This latest run includes…

    CIMC 53’ Corrugated Dry Containers

    New roadname

    • XPO Logistics

    New paint schemes

    • JB Hunt/Intermodal/Small Nose Logo
    • JB Hunt/Uline
    • JB Hunt/Gray
    • JB Hunt/JBI Logos on ends
    • Schneider logo without “National” - white roof and darker orange body color than containers with Schneider National logo; ex-Marten
    • COFC Logistics/White; ex-Martin
    • Hub Group with large Hub Group logo on the roof


    • JB Hunt/Intermodal/Large Nose Logo

    CIMC 53’ Reefer Containers

    New roadname

    • Maritime Ontario

    New paint schemes

    • Quicktrax with small logo (earlier version had large logo)
    • CR England without “Global Transportation” on sides under name

    The ScaleTrains announcement included the following pre-order information:

    "Paint schemes for modern containers are complex and require a significant amount of production capacity in the printing department. To avoid the potential of delaying other projects, we will be ordering a limited quantity above our preorders so be sure to preorder by Monday, December 10th for best availability."


    Trains N Scale™


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