Zscaleplanet Jun 10, 2021

  1. bostonjim

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    Flipping them over is a great idea. Galvanized metal seems like the right building material for the window framework, not brick. It is coming along nicely. Lights will definitely enhance the finished product. I have added welding lights to the 2-stall Basher engine house module. There are some very tiny LED's available. Thanks for the update. Jim
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  2. husafreak

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    You are absolutely correct, bricks do not belong there. They would never be layed back anyway, yes they could step back but it would not be done here, much too heavy a material to rest on a beam up there as well. You have a good eye and a good sense for structure.
    I think the coolest thing about lighting this structure is how little would be required! A dim porch light by the office door and an absentmindedly left on light in another office would be so cool. No one works in a building like this at night!
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  3. Zscaleplanet

    Zscaleplanet TrainBoard Supporter

    Dang it, now you’ve put the idea in my head about lighting that office.:((n) That did not occur to me! Excellent idea. ;) And quite appreciative to get these tips from you and Jim while I’m in the stage of the build.

    Now, a light over that side door was already spinning in my mind. Just figuring out how to pull it off. And yes some low lighting in the main warehouse would work very well. And who’s to say they (the crew) isn’t pulling a night shift? A few doors on this warehouse will be open so it’s got a look believable.
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