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Hytec Sep 27, 2010

  1. BoxcabE50

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    If an electrician needed to access that panel, they might find it humorous seeing the obstacle encountered.
  2. Hytec

    Hytec TrainBoard Member

    Actually the high line is strung with EZ-Line which can stretch almost 5x, returning to its static length in a few seconds...great stuff. I've been into the panel many times with no problems.
  3. Hytec

    Hytec TrainBoard Member

    Just re-read this thread and realized y'all have not seen the interchange yard and engine terminal at Lyman Jct that I built two years ago.

    An overall view of the yard and nterchange. My back is toward the dairy farm, Wortham Woods rec area, and power station. The artist's colony has replaced the furniture factory at the bottom of the photo. Also that station is history, replaced with the one you saw in the artist's colony photos.


    From the opposite direction. Notice B&M #6000, Minute Man, from up north waiting for the incoming milk train to clear the west branch main.


    The engine terminal with B&M's North Conway, NH round house in the foreground, and RIP area behind it for quick repairs such as the sawdust hopper having its truck replaced, more clear in the photo above. What frosted SCRR management was that the replacement trucks were delivered by flatbed semi.

    The engine service area in the background has an ash pit and elevator, water tank and jack, 25 ton coaling tower, and a sand dryer and tower for servicing both the SCRR engines and the interchange engines from the Beebe River RR.


    And the trout stream and pool to right of the yard...just cuz I thought that's where it ought to be. :cool:

  4. Hytec

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    Decided to take out the log pond which just didn't seem right, so became a dead end. However, it was obvious that the Saucier Central needed a nice pleasant shady vacation area, so.... The Barn with rental cottages and beach was born.

    A developer found this derelict barn on a small patch of land with a pond, and had the vision that some city folk might want to spend a week or two in a rural location. He left the exterior of the barn as he found it, but transformed the interior into a club house rec area with an informal come-as-you-are snack bar/restaurant. He also cleared the pond of debris and built the four one room cottages. It has been jammed year-round with a year's waiting list ever since.


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  5. Hytec

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    Gals,Guys, I revisited this thread to search for a post. I didn't find the specific post, but realized how much I enjoyed building and sharing this creation.
    OK, I was doing this as a diversion while my wife was losing her health and eventually passing away a few years ago.
    So now with my head firmly attached to the rest of my body, I want to continue with the Saucier Central's evolution.
    Hey y'all, I'm excited to be back. There's bunches to be done. (y)
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  6. mtntrainman

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    Sorry to hear about your wife Hank :-(

    I firmly believe diversions in troubled times are a god send.

    Welcome back.
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  7. HemiAdda2d

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    Welcome back, Hank! Sorry for your loss, but modeling is great therapy.
  8. Massey

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    Welcome back Hank and I too am sorry for your loss. I hope all is well with you now in this messed up time we find ourselves in. Great news about modeling a railroad... It is a great way to social distance and lose many hours in the process that are enjoyable and productive at the same time.
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  9. Joe Lovett

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    Sorry about your wife Hank.

    Welcome back, I'm in the process of reading your build thread from the beginning and from what I've seen you have a great layout. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    Model railroading is a great way to forget lifes challenges for a little bit.

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  10. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    My condolences Hank
  11. Randy Stahl

    Randy Stahl TrainBoard Supporter

    I remember your RR, looking forward to seeing it come alive again.
  12. BNSF FAN

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    Great to see the Saucier Central is going to be back in action Hank! I know the loss was tough and my sincere condolences.
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