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JCater Nov 21, 2000

  1. JCater

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    Since I have changed layouts and now will be modeling a Santa Fe branch [​IMG], I need to know where I can find info on Santa fe's motive power in the late 50's, color schemes etc. Gotta get it right after all [​IMG] !! Thanks and Happy Modeling!!

    The Santa Fe and Southwestern, Chief of the Southwest!!
  2. drbooher

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    There is a set of books from Paired Rail Publications called Santa Fe Diesel. Volume One covers from dieselization to 1960. Unfortunately, this volume is out of print. If you find a copy, buy it. If you find two copies, let me know so I can buy the other one [​IMG] Also, check the SFRH&MS website. A good source (imho) for railroad related books is Karen's Books.

    I believe the early road switchers, mostly GP7s, would be the typical power for most branches, although I think the RSD5s were pretty common in CO. All of these would have been painted in the black & silver Zebra stripe scheme, since blue and yellow wasn't used on road switchers until 1960. Hope this helps.


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