S scale High Rail I think

superchiefsf Mar 11, 2007

  1. superchiefsf

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    My daughter picked up two train display cases for me at an auction that have what appears to be S scale High rail track nailed to the shelves. It has a web under the rail base that is inserted into what appear to be red wood ties. The rail itself is made out of steel or tin. useing a veneer calipher I scaled it out to 5' gauge. There are two sections of track per shelf, one measuring 37" the other 24 1/2" in length. There are 10 shelves between the two cases. My questions: Is this normal S scale high rail track? Is there a market for this type of track? I model in HO scale and my wife models in G scale so I am removing this track from the shelves, (it comes off fairly easy) It is not flexible though, it can only be used in straight line applications.
  2. BoxcabE50

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    Any chance you could post a photo of this track?


    Boxcab E50

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