Rural Japanese Stop - Very Early Yet

Jake the Train Pony May 5, 2020

  1. Jake the Train Pony

    Jake the Train Pony New Member

    Hey, so I guess it's time I actually post something about what I'm doing, maybe it'll make sure I keep at it.

    So my current layout is going to be a two layer setup on a 2x5ft board.

    Top layer will be a small Showa era station with a nearby shrine and probably a couple other things. That'll make use of a Shorty loop and in theory will be removable from the rest of the layout if I want to take it with somewhere. This is the only part I have all the track for so it's where I've started (more track is on the way though.)

    The bottom layer I'm less decided on, but it'll be a much larger loop to allow for full sized trains. The hangup on it is it's actual purpose is to allow my girlfriend's (future) Hello Kitty Shinkansen to loop around nicely, but I also wanted it to include some industry for a Showa era freight train. No idea how to mesh those themes, or if I should just stick to the era I'd like and let her run her train anyway.

    Either way, I've only gotten started, this will be my first layout since middle school (which was just an N scale loop on a door anyway) so there will be lots of learning to do. Eventually I'd like it to look nice enough to bring to shows, we'll see how that goes.

    2x5 Non Modular Layout.PNG
    I only fit enough track in Anyrail to get the idea across and make sure things fit. I'll have to bring the yellow layer out further to allow for a little bit of decor up there.

    Z Layout 1.jpg
    I made the mistake of cutting my foam down too short before deciding on a plan, but it does mean you can see what the frame looks like until I fill in that side. (Frame provided by my brother as I live in an apartment and have no tools, while he's a construction worker with many tools.)
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  2. rray

    rray Staff Member

    You could build the bottom layer with Shōwa era scenery, and get some nice Tenshodo and Rokuhan steamers and diesels, and still let your girlfriend run her Hello Kitty when she wants.
  3. Commodore

    Commodore TrainBoard Member

    The lift off section idea is a keeper.

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