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BoxcabE50 Apr 16, 2017

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    TrainBoard is a place where we try to get away from the world's hiccups for a few minutes. Together we share the joys, and benefits of the various aspects which these railroad hobbies offer to us. In order to help accomplish this goal, here are a few things we wish to avoid, which can cause things to quickly go sour. Staff will quickly edit anything, or delete entirely, messages straying into:

    * Politics

    * Profanity

    * Race

    * Religion

    * Sex

    * Sexual Orientation

    There may be a rare occasion, where an exception is made. Such as discussion of Pullman Porters, or labor used to build early railroads. But only as long as kept strictly within historical context.

    Please stay on topic, and use the appropriate Forum for your topics. We do have an 'off topic' area available: The Cattle Car." It's use still requires the exclusions named above. TrainBoard management reserves the right to make any topic or post moves, edits or deletions as deemed necessary, to keep life here as peaceful as possible.

    Thank you for your understanding. :) ;)
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