Rokuhan ROK-S030 Briefcase Question

tjdreams Jan 4, 2015

  1. tjdreams

    tjdreams TrainBoard Member

    Did anyone else get one for Christmas?
    The base on mine seems kind of flimsy and sags in the middle
    Is this typical? How should I go about supporting the base so it doesn't dip in the middle?
    I know it doesn't look it the pictures but, Laying a straight edge across the track shows the track to be flat
    IMG_3111.jpg GOPR3732.JPG
    I also got a new airbrush setup and tried it out by attempting to weather the rails.
    I'm hopping that ballasting the track will cover my over spray.

    The base was sanded and given the first of 3 planned light coat of paint.
    to prevent any chance the white base will show through once the ground cover is installed.

    Any tips tricks or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. jim29t

    jim29t TrainBoard Member

    I sprayed the under side of the shell with non expanding insulation foam. Available at Home Depot or Lowes. See last January ZTrack magazine for the full article

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