River Point Station Fords on Sale Now

cfritschle Dec 16, 2020

  1. cfritschle

    cfritschle TrainBoard Member

    For anyone who wants to add more N scale River Point Station Ford service trucks and crew cab pickups to their fleets, one of the RPS distributors is offering them with very deep discounts! I want to be cautious and not violate any Trainboard policies, so a link to the sale can be found in this post in the N Scale Vehicle Association's Group.io. https://groups.io/g/NScaleVehicleAs...,0,0::recentpostdate/sticky,,,20,2,0,79005410

    The crew cab pickup kits are at a particularly good price. I ordered some so I can make more regular cab pickups like the ones shown below.


    And, at the time of this posting, all of the paint schemes RPS offered were in stock. :)

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  2. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    Thanks for the heads up Carter. According to their website, they are leaving the N Scale market and this is a liquidation sale. They are also cutting back on their HO offerings.
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