DRGW Rio Grande paperwork!

BoxcabE50 Sep 5, 2023

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    From the orders - it appears there are no scheduled train of any class.

    When I was a operator on the B&O St. Louis Division, they had scheduled First, Second and Third Classes. First Class was used by the railroad operated passenger trains prior to Amtrak. The Second and Third Class schedules were tools for the Train Dispatcher to use in operating 'their' railroad. By listening to the Train Dispatchers wire and paying attention to what train orders were being issued to which trains and where you could 'look into the mind' of the Train Dispatcher and how he intended to operate his territory. Fun Times.
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    Simply 'Grande!! Bond order #734 on 26 May 69 shows MP 33.2 and 33.6 slow order due to slide fence out of service. 33.2 is in fact the east portal of Tunnel 23. 33.6 would be just west of the west portal of the tunnel. I suppose they made the slow order start at the portal due to the inability to mark the slow order within the tunnel. MP 40.2 is west of the site of Pactolus and east of Tunnel 30.
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