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rail_fan May 18, 2000

  1. rail_fan

    rail_fan Guest

    Hi Alan,
    you`ve asked for the Swiss RE460 in an older topic. Today, I have some interesting news for you. After a year of evaluation and testing a radio controlled remote control from GE Harris, the SBB introduce this system in 20 RE460 for use in helper service on Gotthard. We have also prepared 20 RE 6/6 and
    20 RE 4/4 for use with the Locotrol III carry-on-unit for remote control the RE460. I don`t know the numbers of all the locomtives but you can they identify on the "f" in the unit numbers i.e. Ref 460-101 or Ref 6/6 11665. Start will be on 28. May 2000 with 6 "Rollende Landstrasse" trains each day and a Ref 4/4 on the head end and a Ref 460 on the rear end from Erstfeld to Chiasso.
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  2. Alan

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    Many thanks for the info. railfan. That sounds like an interesting, and sensible development for the heavy Gotthard trains. I really must get over to Switzerland again, as it is a few years since I was there. About the time of the beginning of Re460 introduction.

    I love the trains in such beautiful scenery!


    The perfect combination - BNSF and N Scale!

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