Re; Kato SD 40-2 Snoots.

AndrewWalliceMatheson May 14, 2000

  1. Hi Again, May 14th,2000.

    I had a chance to order 2 of the
    Kato SD 40-2 Snoots, at a "Reasonable
    Price". I took two of the B.C.R. Units
    in the 2 Shades of Green. My Choice is
    B.C.R. 2nd is C.P. Rail and 3rd is
    U.P. I must say Kato has done a Good Job
    this time round. Comments Anyone.

    Thanks Guys,


  2. BC Rail King

    BC Rail King E-Mail Bounces

    They seemed to have fixxed most of the paint mistakes when it got to N scale. I know some people are mad with the UP, BNSF, but I don't notice. Although my units are still on hold (I wanna SD35) I have run them on a layout and they are great! The BC Rail is almost perfect, however the walkways should be black. That said, BC Rail is known for not having standardized painting techniques.

    I don't notice the blue LED.

    Happy Railroading!

    Dane N.

    TAMR2860-AKA BC Rail King

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