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AndrewWalliceMatheson Mar 27, 2000

  1. Hi Again, March 26th/2000.

    Does anyone know if InterMountain
    Covered Hoppers (Flat side ones) are now
    being sold as ASSEMBLED, Looking to acquire
    some but haven't yet decided on Names etc,
    so I'd be interested to know. InterMountain
    Cars are a Rarity up here in Calgary, so is
    a lot of other good N Scale items.
    Thanks Guys. Can B reached at -
  2. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    You can get them from BLW asembled, same price as the kit and with Micro-Trains trucks to boot! [​IMG]

  3. mdrzycimski

    mdrzycimski TrainBoard Supporter

    How in the world can they sell them for the same price as the kit? Do you mean the list price of the kit??

    Mike Drzycimski
    Arlington, TX
  4. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    I don't know, [​IMG] but a friend of mine just bought a set of Rock Island Blues for 13.99 a piece. [​IMG] That's the same price as the kit I had and decided to trade off for something else. I wasn't about to mess up a nice kit with my clunky hands! [​IMG]

  5. paulc206

    paulc206 New Member

    PWRS ( carries Intermountain hoppers assembled ready-to-run.

    They also produce a number of limited-run, cars, mostly US and Canadian hoppers. Their cars have metal roofwalks as well! So you get Intermountain quality and more, in paint schemes and road numbers not found elsewhere. Like Intermountain's own cars, these PWRS special runs are usually available in six, twelve or more road numbers.

    Disclaimer: besides being an N-scale addict, I *do* have a business relationship with PWRS. Treat this as somewhat prejudiced, so go check the web page out and see for yourself.

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