N Rapido N scale barrel ore cars

MetraMan01 Mar 11, 2023

  1. MetraMan01

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    I got an email today from one of my favorite hobby shops. So I thought I would put the word out about a niche prototype that may have broader kitbashing potential.

    Rapido is offering three new paint schemes for their n scale NSC barrel ore cars but apparently are delaying production due to poor sales. There are short 35’ and long 42’ types.

    After the mine closed, CN and CP sold off some of these cars. I can’t find documentation, but they look like some dead ringers for some of Metra’s ballast hoppers-with the tops cut off. It sounds like some of them went into ore service elsewhere, but maybe Metra wasn’t the only one to pick them up cheap for non-revenue service.

    I don’t model CN or CP ore traffic, but I pre-ordered a few undecorated short and long barrel versions for future kitbashing with the intent of running them as part of a Metra work train some day.

    Other modelers may find some potential in running a few of the short ones on their layouts to navigate really tight turns.

    Anyway just thought I’d share the news.

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    While they don't fit my area, I did order a pre order one from an e-tailer. Thought it would be a neat to have item. That's twice recently I have pre ordered, something I rarely do.

    I also saw they said pre sales of the RR56/60/61 mechanical reefer boxcar they are doing is sluggish. I found that odd as it is such a cool car

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