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bmalonef45 Aug 21, 2000

  1. bmalonef45

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    I am part of a group that is interested in producing Railroad videos comparable to those produced by currently by a few companies. We have done research and found that there might be a market for a "higher quality" product at a competitve price to what is currently available. After viewing a few of the competitors products we think that there is room for improvment and are eager to give consumers a product that can hold the viewers intrest with better graphics, more background information, higher quality video and better narration. We are a small group but we are experienced in the field and feel we can accomplish these goals. My questions to you readers are: 1. Is there a market for such a product? 2. What do you think about what is currently available on the market. 3. What ideas do you have for subject matter. (ie. favorite areas that may have not been covered previously, or ones that could have been covered better). We would appreciate all of the feedback you have, be honest please, we are very serious about this venture. We are looking at maybe having a product sample by the middle of next year and hopefully if all goes well maybe having a booth at St. Louis next year at the National Train Show.
    Thanks in advance
  2. ten87

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    Among my small circle of railroading buddies, I seem to be the only one interested in videos. For me, the videos should fall into one of two categories, similar to music appreciation: background or foreground videos.

    A background video is one I like to put on the VCR and have running while I am doing other things. I might hear something in the audio track that spurs my attention, be it a whistle blow, or something the narrator has said. I'll look up from my own models, or the vacuuming, and watch closely for a while. Then it is back to cleaning house, or running trains.

    A foreground video is something that has my undivided attention for the duration. As my brain only has an attention span of 15 to 30 minutes, anything longer than that and I'm history. I think one of the reasons the 60 Minutes news show is so popular is that it spends no more than 15 minutes on a topic, and the pacing is fast, focused, and there is an angle.

    Too many videos fail for me because they try to do both things. A 90 minute cab ride video can be mind numbing if they've interspurced it with the details. When I want the details, I can't bear to sit through the cab ride. When I want the cab ride, I don't want the graphics overlay of the tonnage, etc.

    By far, my favorite videos are from Pentrex and both are shot from a helicopter. They are Above Southern California Rails and Above 3751 Over Cajon. Both are great background videos that can be appreciated for the unique perspective and beatiful videography. I constantly use them for inspiration when I'm working on my layout.

    Hope this helps...

    Ed Harrison
  3. Robin Matthysen

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    I have a small collection of railroad videos. Are you talking protoype videos or model railroad videos. I have used scenes from my prototype videos to help design and scenic my M.A.T. PBS often has railroad videos and I tape these. Most are very entertaining with enough change and humour to keep the interest. I will be looking for info on yours.
    Alan started a topic some time ago regarding railroad videos and I think I was the only one to add to the thread. It has since been dropped [​IMG]

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    <font color="3333cc">I like a lot of detail in videos, both in the narration, and the pictures. I like close-up detail shots, not just general views.

    I am interested in the freightcars in a passing mixed freight, and hate it when it is cut short, not that I want to see all cars on all freights!

    Different angles of photography are important, continuous run-pasts can be boring.

    Most of the videos I buy are BNSF ones, but any western roads are ok with me!</font>


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    The best produced tapes I have seen are by Kalmbach or Pentrex. They probably still aren't as good as a pro company could do though. Working in the "biz" myself, I can tell the difference, but I'm not sure very many fans notice, or care that much. I personally only think about buying tapes of things that I wouldn't normally get to see. I just got a tape from pentrex showing all MoW equipment, which was interesting. I'm also interested mostly in shortlines. Tapes seem to be made for the big roads and popular spots the most. I personally wouldn't buy those though, because I can see places like Tehachapi myself.

    Also... Seems petty, but I don't like it when they always set up at a crossing. 90 minutes of horns gets old after a while. Plus, it drowns out the engine sound.

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    I like videos that move at a fast pace and don't drag. Another thing I don't really like is when valuble tape time is wasted by watching a 100 car UNIT coal train go by at 3 miles per hour.

    Fast paced movies with good shots.

    Good luck!!!

    Craig Martyn

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