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y0chang Nov 2, 2011

  1. OC Engineer JD

    OC Engineer JD Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Yep...and the engineer wasnt smiling big enough.......;)
  2. ddechamp71

    ddechamp71 TrainBoard Member

    I'm surprised to read that. In my thoughts rrpicturearchives didn't proceed to any rejection...

  3. CNW 1518

    CNW 1518 TrainBoard Member

    Yeah I tried for several years with railpictures..

    Even taking pictures in the same location and of same quality that there are already dozens of pictures on the site.

    The other issue of that site is.. unless you're a name already.. Odds are you won't get in unless you blow them away.. Once you're a name.. You will get your stuff posted easily unless its crap.
  4. Jeff Powell

    Jeff Powell TrainBoard Member

  5. HOexplorer

    HOexplorer TrainBoard Supporter

    I'm forever amazed that some of you even give #### about this bunch. It is a closed shop. Quit wasting your time. Enjoy their photos but don't get your knickers in a twist if they don't choose yours. Jim
  6. sp4009

    sp4009 TrainBoard Member

    It's a nice scene with huge potential. Here's why it got rejected from RP, the shot is "backlit" as the sun is on the wrong side of the tracks for RP purposes, the cropping is off(train is too centered) and possibly the low angle. Is there any way to get more elevation at that location? More elevation, good sun angle and setting the bridge/train on one of the lower thirds would "sell it" to RP.

    Don't take rejections as an attack, think about the reasons why the photo was rejected, what you should do differently and use that knowledge next time you're in the field. RP's standards are strict and designed to make you work harder; not only in the field, but also in post processing.

    As far as needing to be a "name" photographer in order to get o RP... There are plenty of small time photogs on RP. I'm nowhere near being a "name" and I have, as of this post, 157 photos on RP and well over 100 rejections to go with it. Between those rejections, studying other photographers work and reading about techniques/composition, my photography has improved greatly since I got into DSLR shooting a few years ago. Those rejections have shown me that there is a huge difference between snapping a picture and shooting a photograph.
  7. HOexplorer

    HOexplorer TrainBoard Supporter

    Joe, I went through them all and contacted a RP insider and he said you were 'one of the gang.' So instead of trying to trick us perhaps you could post some of your great photos here on TB as a possible inspiration for all of us. Seems like we would all be in a better place here if you had "TB PHOTO WINNER" beneath your name for work you've share with us. Then we could pat you on the back. Your photos are outstanding. Jim
  8. Logtrain

    Logtrain TrainBoard Member

    Well there are a couple other photos on RP at this same location. Some are further down the slope than I was and are shooting more uphill looking towards the bridge than I was. Some are standing more uphill from me and have a more direct shot then I do. When you are more uphill than I was for this photo you loose all the water under the bridge, which I think deters from a photograph. The locations you can shoot at from this location are quite limited and not easily accesilble as it is on private property.

    And as far as the photo being "cropped" that photo has not been edited at all.
  9. jpwisc

    jpwisc TrainBoard Member

    I've come to terms with the fact I have no idea what they are looking for. My last 12 have been rejected for "cropping" including this one (that I really like):
  10. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Quite true. So that anyone being critical of views from this site is very obviously unfamiliar with these limitations. Also, it is very difficult to take a spontaneous shot, as lighting will not be favorable many times.
  11. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter


    Looks plenty good enough from here. Apparently, as I have noted before, that we are doing this for fun is being completely ignored or lost. This is a hobby, not an avocation. Those few who wish to make it into "work", fine. The rest of us, the vast majority I am sure, will just enjoy the entertainment value- That's what it is all about.

    Share your stuff here. We're happy to have a look 'over your shoulder' at what you were seeing.
  12. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    I own my own domain and host my own site....I host what I want!
  13. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Same here!
  14. MagicMan_841

    MagicMan_841 TrainBoard Member

    This definately has potential on RP, but the subject is right in the center of the photo. This violates the generally accepted laws of photographic composition (which RP tries to follow). Crop some of the top and left side out to bring the nose of the loco towards the upper left point of thirds.

    Not sure they will like that open door, though (yes, they do nitpick on details like this).

  15. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    In other words, reality is not an acceptable aspect of railroad photography. Attention: Train Crew- You are violating photographic "laws". Close that door or be rejected.

    What is it which is trying to be captured? Real life railroading? Or an artificial pose?
  16. RBrodzinsky

    RBrodzinsky November 18, 2022 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter In Memoriam

    Or, would it be the guy scratching his butt? LOL

    The rule of thirds is very important in making a photo "pop". I try to follow it versus centering the subject, though sometimes center is appropriate. I have never tried to get any site to accept any photo of mine, full disclosure.
  17. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Yes. Many times centered is appropriate. In the above WSOR photo, a right hand third would make the train feel somewhat distant. But a left hand would fill the frame so that an large amount of scenery is blotted out. I prefer to see a train in it's working environment. And see enough of that environment to understand where it is working. A whole scene. A left hand third in this particular location would generate a sensation of overpowering huge train in my face. The engine would also be so close we could see in the fireman's side door and discover one shoe is improperly tied- Tsk, tsk. Not good.
  18. MagicMan_841

    MagicMan_841 TrainBoard Member

    I'm not saying I agree. I think it's stupid myself, but I've had photos rejected on those grounds. Such are RP.net's ways.

  19. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter


    What I posed in that last sentence was intended to be interpreted merely as a rhetorical question. Not questioning you.
  20. BarstowRick

    BarstowRick TrainBoard Supporter

    Hummm, wondering? You know there's YouTube and you can set up any train pictures you want. You can make a slide show, video, add on narrative, crop it anyway you want, make the locomotives dance to music, use green screen technology and the best part...no one...is going to tell you that it is rejected. Oh, they (the public) can tell you whether or not they like it or you need to center it.

    You can click on my signature and you are off to my YouTube, to visit some of my friends work as well as my own. Who needs the...what was the name again?:cool:

    Here is an older version I set up much earlier: http://www.youtube.com/user/Tricky929?feature=watch

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